TIMBER is one of the world’s most valuable resources, however it is being rapidly depleted by the scandalous actions of large entrepreneurial development. South America and especially Brazil has immense forest resources. Contrary to popular belief, these forests are not being exploited by licensed timber merchants, it is the massive international farming and grazing corporations who are still clearing the forests for their own purposes. Sadly this timber is just being burnt, as any timber merchant caught using it would be heavily fined and permanently lose his license.


World Commodity Traders P/L follows a clear environmental policy for the trading of tropical wood and wood products. Although the ultimate responsibility for forest policy lies with the sovereign government and the people of various lumber producing nations, World Commodity Traders P/L believes it has a responsibility to base its commercial activities on sound principles of proper forest management. These principles have been outlined by the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) which we fully support. A copy of our full Environmental Policy will be supplied upon request. The timber and timber products offered hereafter are all sourced from managed forest under the control of organizations such as the Brazilian Forestry Commission (IBAMA).

all of our beautiful hardwood timber is supplied from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests under strict supervision of the Brazilian Forestry Commission (IBAMA). all Brazilian and Argentinean timber mills are required to plant new forests and these massive plantations, most hundreds of thousands of acres in size, some established over 50 years ago, are now being harvested.

These plantation timbers are mostly Australian hardwoods, Rose Gum (eucalyptus grandis) and Blue Gum (eucalyptus saligna) both around 800 kgs/m3, which flourish there to maturity in a very short time. There are also massive plantations of Elliottis Pine.

Timber from these plantations is in popular demand for plywood, construction timber, peeling logs (veneer), and woodchip.

The numerous native hardwood species which can be readily found in the Brazilian Rainforest are very heavy, durable and resistant to attack from termites, borers and other insects and also attack from rot and fungus. Also the colours of these native timbers are absolutely fabulous.

Many of these beautiful South American timbers weigh over 1 ton per m3 and it is interesting to know that the heaviest of all commercial woods, Guaiacum (lignum vitae), which originates from the Amazon rainforest, weighs 1,250 kgs per m3. It is very strong and tough and has been used in the past for bowling balls, mallets, pestles, mortars and pulleys. It is resinous and one of its most important uses was for the bushing of the stern tubes of ship’s propeller shafts, as it combined the requisite strength with self lubrication. It was used for the manufacture of lawn bowls worldwide until the introduction of bakelite in 1944.

Please advise what you plan do with the timber and we will suggest various timber species to suit.

Our timber mills collectively can supply over 100 beautiful timbers species in a wide range of timber products. We can guarantee continuity of supply while maintaining a high level of consistency in the quality of our products, subject to natural variations in grain and colour.

Timber products include:-


* Hardwood & Softwood T&G Flooring, * Decking,
* Wall and Ceiling Paneling,
* Parquetry,
* Structural Hardwood,
* House Framing Timbers (hardwood & pine)
* Railway and Retaining Wall Sleepers
* Logs for veneer peeling
* Plywood (hardwood & pine) all Grades
* Prefabricated outdoor furniture, etc.