Our Terms & Conditions
Example Procedures for processing Orders:

We are obliged to follow a proven procedure as is generally not negotiable which is required by the Seller, that we also believe is fair to both the Buyer and the Seller and as a rule we will not deviate from it.

We act as a facilitator/mandate introducing REAL Buyers to REAL Suppliers. Initially we negotiate the terms and procedures with the Buyer to achieve an acceptable LOI or ICPO, with every detail correct as required by the Supplier. We may have to ask you to make minor amendments to your initial LOI or ICPO to reach this position. It should be noted that all LOI or ICPO should be on Buyer’s letterhead and have complete details of the Buyer’s requirements including full banking coordinates and details of his Confirming Bank. This will include details of the product and specification required, total quantity and period of delivery, destination port, target price per metric ton and validity of the LOI or ICPO in days after being issued. Once acceptable LOI or ICPO and BCL are received, we will pass the deal over to a selected Supplier and/or Manufacturer who will then contract direct with you, the end Buyer.

Procedures obviously will vary with the various commodities, but please note our basic procedure:

1. In response to the Buyer’s initial enquiry, we provide a Soft Offer for the Buyer’s consideration.
2. Buyer Issue an ICPO (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order) with Buyer’s Name, Full Address and Full Bank Coordinates issued on Letterhead with Stamp, Signed and Sealed by Buyer along with NCND/IMFPA completed and signed by Buyer, Buyer Mandate and all intermediaries and passed to Sell Side for completion.
In some cases the Buyer may be required to issue a BCL with wording that details the contract quantity, contract value and monthly revolving amount, which confirms the Buyer’s ability to finance the deal.
3. Seller after receiving Buyer’s ICPO with issue a Draft Contract to the Buyer. Buyer makes changes by red lining the document (no removal of terms) and additions are to be placed in RED. Buyer verifies Signs, seals and returns to the seller.
4. Seller checks as verified and if all acceptable, will sign the final contract and return to the buyer;
5. Buyer verifies that the contract is final approved, signed, and sealed by the seller;
6. Within 5 (five) banking day the final contract must be returned to Seller, signed and approved, by buyer.
7. Buyer issues non operative payment instrument approved by Seller’s Bank.
8. Seller issues 2% PB which makes the Buyer’s payment instrument operative.
9. The rest as specified in the contract.