Table sugar (sucrose) comes from plant sources.  Two important sugar crops predominate: sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) and sugar beets (Beta vulgaris), in which sugar can account for 12% to 20% of the plant’s dry weight.

Most cane sugar comes from countries with warm climates, such as Brazil, India, China, Thailand, Mexico, Central America and Australia, the top sugar-producing countries in the world.

Our main supply source, Brazil, overshadows most countries, with over one third of the world’s sugar produced, while also producing the highest quantity product.   We also supply sugar Ex India.    We work directly with two major Sellers, based in Brazil, who own the product they sell.

We can supply this product in a wide range of it various refinements, especially Brazilian White Refined Can Sugar (ICUMSA 45) and Raw Sugars (ICUMSA 75 & ICUMSA 100) as per specification below.   ICUMSA (International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis)



Origin: Brazil

Refined Sugar


ICUMSA: 45 RBU maximum

Polarization:  99.80% Min

Ash content :   0.04% Max

Moisture:  0.04% Maximum

Solubility:  100% Dry Free Flowing

Color:  Sparkling White

Granulation: Standard to Fine

Magnetic Particle:  4 mg/kg

Radiation:   Normal Levels Certified

Sediments:   None

Smell:    Free of any smell


RAW SUGAR – ICUMSA 750 – 1000

Origin: Brazil



ICUMSA: 750 – 1000 RBU maximum

Polarization: 98.00% Min

Ash content : 0.08% Max

Moisture: 0.08% Maximum

Solubility:  90% Free Flowing

Color: Brown

Granulation: Standard to Fine

Magnetic Particle: 4 mg/kg

Radiation: Normal Levels Certified

Sediments: None

Smell: Free of any smell

SO2: 20 PPM


Please advise packaging method; Bulk, Bulker Bags or palletized. And shipment method; Bulk or containerized.


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