SEAFOOD, including Abalone, Prawns (wild & farmed), Crab, Lobster, and fish (saltwater and freshwater) is available to genuine buyers, provided the purchase is large and the contract is ongoing. Our suppliers in South America have daily yields from fishermen who run the South Atlantic Ocean and South Pacific Ocean coastlines with hundreds of boats assuring a production of several thousand tons per month of various species of fish and other delicious seafood.

We are interested in immediate negotiations with foreign Clients with a view to signing a Sales Contract with scheduled monthly deliveries for minimum 2 years, renewable. Fixed long term contracts which will assist us to create an export program in the region in order to help develop the annual harvest from these oceans. The region has abundant seafood resources but we need an assured market which will guarantee a reliable financial income which in turn will enable both the fishermen and the merchants to schedule a more professional search of fishes in the migratory regions.

It is our intention to give priority to those clients who own or have guaranteed access to sufficient frozen storage facilities in their cities where they can store fish, because the greatest quantity of fish will be migratory species harvested from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans for only six months of the year.

We also have farmed prawns and freshwater fish supplies that are regular and ongoing.

Packaging and Preparation of Seafood for Export:

Our seafood merchants/suppliers are all legally authorized in the cleaning, preparation and packaging of all seafood,
including fish, prawns and lobsters.

These are packaged in regular calibrated cartons or polybags labelled by merchant, for the weight of 2 Kg each up to 10 Kg and more, as also master boxes of 12 Kg. and up.

The entire exportation may be for either fresh fish and seafood – by airfreight or frozen fish and seafood – by seafreight, or both.

FISH from South America is plentiful, delicious and competitively priced.

Penaeus Vanammei Shrimp

Blue Fin Tuna

OCEAN CATCH FISH abound from South Altantic Ocean and South Pacific Ocean and yields an enormous variety of species, most restaurant quality. There is also a large quantity of palatable fish at low price that could feed the masses in third world countries.

The Chilean fish capture is primarily JACK MACKEREL (trachurus murphyii) and ANCHOVETA (engraulis ringens) and lesser amount of HORSE MACKEREL ( scomber japonicus) and SARDINE (sardinox sagax).

The Brazilian and Argentinean capture has an enormous variety of species including SPANISH MACKEREL, BLUE FIN TUNA, SWORDFISH, PATAGONIAN HAKE, GROPER, PATAGONIAN GRENADIER, and SOUTHERN BLUE WHITING and ATLANTIC CROAKER including species WHITEMOUTH CROAKER and YELLOW CROAKER which are bottom fish for 6 months of the year.
Whitemouth Croaker (micropogonias furnieri)
FRESHWATER FISH abound in the Amazon in sizes you will find hard to believe, while being renowned as delicacies. There is an assortment of amazing fish to tempt the palate. Menus in the north feature the mammoth pirarucu, whose delicious flesh is quite meaty; texture almost like chicken.

and the tasty tambaqui, a fruit and seed-eating fish equipped with powerful, molar-like teeth adapted for crushing its food.

Other notable fish are the salmon-like dourado.

The beautifully colored tucunaré, or peacock bass, is also a prized food fish.
It is the coveted catch of fly-fishermen who are beginning to discover the thrills of angling for it in the Amazon basin.

A considerable number of catfish, such as surubim, pintado, caparari and filhote, can be sampled.

Filhote are juvenile specimens of the largest fish of the Amazon, the giant piraíba, which reaches lengths of 10 feet and weights of 300 pounds.

all of these fish must be tried in the restaurants and seen in the markets! There are hundreds more. There is also a large quantity of aqua-culture farmed fish, mainly Tilapia.