Samples are not used in global trade for the following reasons:

No sample will ever be from the same bag, batch, silo, consignment, order or shipment.

Any sample is easily fabricated and does not represent a true sample of what will be received in a shipment.
A sample can easily be damaged by heat, moisture, humidity during transport, lose some of its oil content, protein content, moisture content and appearance etc.

No buyer should ever base their decision on a sample.

The buyer should base their decision on the irrefutable proof of product (POP) that is provided by the seller’s bank where two bank officers stake their personal and professional careers and reputation of the bank on confirming in writing and by T.T. bank to bank that the seller is known to them, the seller owns the product, the seller has shipped the product and can also deliver the product as per specification in the contract. Nothing less should be accepted by the buyer.

Each and every shipment is checked and inspected at the port of loading by S.G.S. The specification of the product itself is compared with the specification mentioned in the contract and if the specifications do not match exactly the shipment is not passed by S.G.S and not shipped.

Global trade is based on proof of product (POP) exchanged bank to bank by T.T. and certification by S.G.S. and never on a sample basis