The word Petroleum is derived from two words ‘Petra’ meaning rock and ‘oleum’ meaning oil. The oil which occurs naturally in porous rocky strata in liquid form is the crude oil.  If it is in semi hard state mixed in sand then it is bitumen. The crude oil can be black, brown, green or even orange to yellow.  It contains oxygen, sulphur, nitrogen and other items in minute quantities which determines it suitability for a specific application.

The crude oil or its derivatives are marketed by weight (by metric tonnes MT) or by volume (by gallon, litre or barrel).   The co-relation between 7.2 to 7.4 barrels to 1 MT is taken for rough calculation only as is it not precisely accurate.   Aviation Kerosene is roughly 7.8 bbls per MT.

The price of Crude Oil is continually moving upward and this trend is unlikely to change as available volumes diminish.    Most Sellers are reluctant to offer SPOT deals as they prefer their business Contracts to be continuous, with regular monthly shipments and yearly renewable.

We are involved with introducing Buyers direct to Oil Refineries or allocation holders of a range of Petroleum Products and some of the products we can offer when available are:

  • Diesel Gas Oil D2 L0.2/62 GOS? 305-82 (0.02% S)
  • Diesel Gas Oil D2 European EN590 (0.01% or 10ppm S)
  • Diesel Gas Oil D2 Type A ULSD (0.001% or 1 ppm S)
  • Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade JP54 Jet Fuel – is sold per Barrel
  • Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade A1 Jet Fuel – is sold per Barrel
  • Mazut M100-75 GOS? M100-75
  • Mazut M100-99 GOST 10585-99
  • R?BCO (Russian Export Blend Crude Oil) GOST 9965-76
  • IFO 180 CST (Intermediate fuel oil with a maximum viscosity of 180 Centistokes)
  • IFO 380 CST (Intermediate fuel oil with a maximum viscosity of 380 Centistokes)
  • Gasoline – all octanes
  • SLCO (Saudi Light Crude Oil)
  • LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) GOS? 20448-90
  • LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)
  • Bitumen

We offer supply direct from Refineries, mainly in Russia, and also Allocation Holders who provide petroleum products at competitive prices.    Please send us your detailed enquiry listing, product, maximum monthly quantity, destination port, term of contract and other relevant detail and we will send you a Soft Offer for supply from a genuine seller.



Do not have dealings with any supplier who requires any form of up-front payment.

Please Note:    We will not respond if we do not know who we are dealing with, so please email your enquiry with your full contact details to and we will respond with a Soft Offer.