Other Mineral Ores

We are Mandate to Mines in Mexico, Chile, Peru, Brazil and South Africa and can source a range of sought after Mineral Ores, including but not limited to: Copper, Manganese, Antimony, Lead, Chromium, Alumina, Molybdenum and Gold.

These mines are new and not at maximum production as yet, but we can supply Copper Ore 24.5% Cu Base in substantial monthly quantities.


Copper Ore







For this product we work directly with the mines.

The origin of this product is Chile, and Mexico.

Our Supplier is seeking continuity and is looking to contract supply of their Mineral Ores over a period of up to 5 years, rolling over yearly after annual price review.

The Mexico Ports presently have restrictions on throughput, but once the Port and loading facilities are upgraded, we will be able to mine larger quantities.
So in summary; we are looking for genuine long term buyers for our Sellers. In your enquiry, please advise maximum monthly tonnage sought, contract period, destination port, target price and any other relevant details.

Please Note:    We will not respond if we do not know who we are dealing with, so please email your enquiry with your full details to  and we will respond with a Soft Offer.