Logs & Woodchip

LOGS & WOODCHIP are available in large quantities from plantation forests in Brazil and Argentina. These plantation timbers are mostly Australian hardwoods, Rose Gum (eucalyptus grandis) and Blue Gum (eucalyptus saligna) both around 800 kgs/m3, which flourish there to maturity in a very short time.

There are also massive plantations of Elliottis Pine, which of course is softwood. These privately owned plantation forests are massive in size each covering hundreds of thousands of acres and some established over 50 years ago, are now being harvested.
LOGS, especially hardwoods, are sought after for peeling and slicing for quality veneer and sawn lumber for use in the manufacture of high quality furniture. Softwood logs are peeled for filler sheets in cheaper plywood.

WOODCHIP for both hardwood and pine are sought after for a variety of wallboards.


Please advise wood chip size and other specifications and we will give you a soft offer in response.