Iron Ore

Major producers of iron ore include Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Chile, Peru, China, Russia, and India.


We are happy to announce that Iron Ore market has steadied and Sellers and major Iron Ore Buyers have resolved pricing which is at an all-time low and will remain reasonably stable for the next few years. Because the price is expected to remain extremely low for the next few years, probably only the Top 5 miners can profitably sell at this low price.

IRON ORE – We can supply large monthly quantities Ex:

  • Vale SA, Brazil    (world’s largest iron ore miner)  64.5% Fe Base
  • Fortescue Metals Group, Australia   (world’s 4th largest iron ore miner) 58.3% Fe base
  • Atlas Iron, Australia (world’s 5th largest iron ore miner) 58.0 % Fe base

 All offering Platt price less a Discount

The principal buyer of iron ore is China, either direct with Steel Mill or through their legal appointed buying Mandate or through Brokers who are on-selling to the Chinese Steel Mills.

Please Note:   None of these Top Miners pay commissions therefore the Buyer MUST pay all commissions.   Generally Chinese Steel Mills are unable to pay commissions.

We can also supply Iron Ore Ex: Mexico 64.5% Fe Base – Seller pays commission.

We can also source Iron Ore from a number of other countries, including Peru, Chile and South Africa, however in present market these supply sources probably cannot compete on price because it is below their production and shipment costs.

We have high quality Brazilian Iron Ore available. The minimum contract quantity is 150,000 MT per month up to possibly 1,000,000 MT per month and requires a one (1) year minimum contract.


Brazilian Iron Ore Fines 64.5% Fe Base
Fe: 64.50% Rejection Below 63.00%
Al2o3: 2.00% Max
Sio2: 3.00% Max Rejection over 5.00%
Sulphur: 0.003% Max
Phosphorous: 0.06% Max
Mn: 0.10% Max
Packing: In Bulk

Brazil are exporting around 300,000,000 MT of Iron Ore Fines per year, mainly to China the principal buyer, however there is a considerable tonnage that is still available to the open market.

Suppliers are looking to contract supply of their ore over longer period up to 5 years with annual price review.

Our Suppliers are happy to contract at 64.5% Fe Base (minimum 63.0%) however the Fe% of every shipment will vary.  If the ore shipped is at a higher or lower percentage than the Fe % Contracted Base, then the price paid for the shipment will escalate or reduce in accordance to the percentage of Fe in the ore that is actually supplied.

So in summary; we are looking for genuine long term Buyer for our Iron Ore Fines Sellers.   Please send us your requirements including maximum annual tonnage, contract period, destination port, target price and any other relevant details.

Please Note:    We will not respond if we do not know who we are dealing with, so please email your enquiry with your full details to (not file via skype) and we will respond with a Soft Offer.


About 98% of iron ore is used to make steel – one of the greatest inventions and most useful materials ever created. While the other uses for iron ore are only 2% of the total consumption, they provide excellent examples of the ingenuity and the multitude of uses that man can create from our natural resources.

Powdered iron: used in metallurgy products, magnets, high-frequency cores, auto parts, catalyst. Radioactive iron (iron 59): in medicine, tracer element in biochemical and metallurgical research. Iron blue: in paints, printing inks, plastics, cosmetics (eye shadow), artist colours, laundry blue, paper dyeing, fertilizer ingredient, baked enamel finishes for autos and appliances, industrial finishes.

Black iron oxide: as pigment, in polishing compounds, metallurgy, medicine, magnetic inks, in ferrites for electronics industry.